Tandem Diabetes Care

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Tandem Diabetes Care since 2009, where I arrived as a Sr. User Experience Designer to work on our first product, the t:slim insulin pump. In 2014 I became the User Experience Design Manager, where I manage a group of 4 designers on all our consumer products, spanning from our t:connect web application and device updater, to mobile design and the next great generation of our pumping software.

In addition to management, I am the lead UX Designer on Tandem’s latest pumping software and design. I specialize in UX workflows, interaction design and actively contribute to the Human Factors and the software verification process. At Tandem I always put a strong focus on making our products easy and enjoyable to use, while adhering to the safety and efficacy guidelines of the regulatory environment.

In my time at Tandem I’ve used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for visual design work along with OmniGraffle, Sketch and Invision to create interaction diagrams, workflows and prototypes.